Home Energy Audits

HVAC HendersonAt Moore Air Conditioning & Heating in Las Vegas, we want to help you save money by highlighting the many benefits of a home energy audit. As a locally family-owned and operated business, we understand how high energy bills can get during months of extreme temperatures in the desert valley. An energy audit can help you increase the energy efficiency of your home in many ways.

Get Your Home Energy Assessment Today

Energy usage in our homes is non-stop and it’s not always an easy task to determine what is running efficiently and what’s not. Some of the benefits of having a professional from Moore Air Conditioning & Heating examine your living space include:

  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Save Money
  • More Comfortable Home
  • Find Problem Areas
  • Identify Needed Repairs
  • Identify Inefficient HVAC Units

You may notice signs of an energy inefficiency in a room that is particularly drafty. Or you may notice that the AC doesn’t cool a particular area of the house as it does the others. There may be an increase in your monthly energy bills for no apparent reason. A home energy audit will pinpoint the areas of inefficiency so you can take action to increase efficiency and lower your power bill.

The Source Of Your Energy Woes

Things such as faulty or outdated air conditioning units or furnaces can be a major drain on your wallet especially in a place like Las Vegas with temperature extremes that can require a lot of heating or cooling throughout the year. With an audit, we can determine if any repairs or upgrades to these systems are in order. We’ll troubleshoot the source of your energy loss and help you devise a plan for reducing or not eliminate this waste.

Regular Maintenance To Lower Your Bill

By keeping up-to-date on your AC or furnace maintenance, you can keep them in top working order. Regular upkeep reduces the occurrence of system failure and will help ensure your investment lasts for some time. When an AC or furnace is not in optimal working condition, it will work harder and use more energy to get the same job done. This is never a good proposition for the homeowner as it increases monthly energy bills and puts more stress on the unit.

Efficiency Starts In The Home

In addition to regular maintenance, another popular solution to lower energy bills and increase home efficiency is upgrading to an energy-efficient furnace and air conditioning system. We can help navigate you through the products on today’s market to determine the which is best-suited for your home.

Start Saving Money Today

If you’d like to start assessing your Las Vegas home’s power consumption, call us at Moore Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule a home energy audit today.