Heat Exchanger Replacement In Las Vegas

Online DiscountsIf you are looking for a new heat exchanger in Las Vegas, give Moore Air Conditioning & Heating a call. A furnace heat exchanger is a metal chamber that transfers heat from the furnace flames to the room air being heated. It confines and contains the combustion gases until they are exhausted through the flue to the outside air. Since the combustion gases may include poisons and other harmful items, they should be prevented from mixing with the room air.

If the heat exchanger becomes damaged, it could allow carbon monoxide and other combustion gases to mix with the room air. This could pose a serious health hazard. Carbon monoxide gas has no odor. Thus, its presence may go unnoticed until it has brought harm to the household occupants.

Furnace Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Las VegasIf a furnace heat exchanger is cracked or otherwise compromised, it or the furnace should be replaced immediately. Moore Air Conditioning & Heating can provide help in this matter. We install new furnaces and heat exchangers in the Las Vegas area.

As a furnace turns on and off during operation, the heat exchanger expands and contracts. Eventually, it will develop one or more cracks due to mental fatigue. It also can be damaged due to rust, corrosion, or structural accidents. These other problems can be caused by chemicals or excessive moisture in the air, water leaks from a defective humidifier or air conditioner pan, or damage to the furnace during shipment or installation.

An over sized furnace can also cause problems. It will cycle on and off more frequently, causing the heat transfer unit to expand and contract more often. This will hasten the occurrence of cracks in the unit.

Annual Inspections

If a furnace heat exchanger is at least 10 years old, it should be inspected annually. If it is damaged, then it or the furnace should be replaced immediately to avoid any possible health hazards. A visual inspection by the house occupant may not be sufficient to discover any cracks or leaks. Instead, the inspection should be performed by our heating professionals with the proper tools and training. Moore Air Conditioning & Heating can inspect and replace any heat exchanger in Las Vegas.

An annual furnace inspection can find other problems, such as a worn-out blower or dirty fan blades, a plugged up air filter, or a plugged up cooling coil from an air conditioner. All of these problems can impede the airflow causing the furnace to overheat and damage the heat exchanger.