How long does installation usually take?

Repair – 2 hours
Cleaning – 1 hours
Replacement – 4

When will I be contacted?

Our consultants will be with you within the next few minutes. Please try to have the phone next to you.

What brand of air conditioning do you service/install?

We service all major brands, so we can meet your preferences no matter what.

What does an air conditioner unit’s rating number mean?

The government requires an energy rating for all AC and heating units.

What is a SEER number?

A SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) number represents the efficiency of the unit. Most customers buying new units will want a higher overall SEER number to make sure they are getting more energy from the new unit using the same amount of power which lowers monthly costs.

What are some of the ways to save energy/money on air conditioning?

Did you know? Having multiple thermostats ensures proper climate control where you need it, where you need it- saving energy and money. Regular maintenance checks and cleanings ensure maximum efficiency and cost effective use of your unit- saving you money in the long run.

Remember: Using the air conditioner along with ceiling fans can reduce the temperature inside your home by 5 degrees.
Tip: Setting your air conditioning level around 78 degrees can ensure the most energy savings on a hot day.
Replacing an older unit, especially those older than 12 years old, can reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill costs by over 30%. Making the switch to a newer, more reliable model might just pay for itself, and you can breathe easier knowing you are taking less of a toll on the environment.

Do you offer 24 hour/ emergency service?


Do you service both residential and commercial?


Moore A/C and heating is dedicated to keeping up to date on any and all government incensives/rabates programs which will make sure you get the most return on your investment.

Air Filtration Systems

Our electronic air cleaners offer all modular solid-state components. All of our equipment is designed for low maintenance, energy efficiency and optimal collection efficiency.

  • Electronic air cleaners
  • Media air filters
  • Space guard filters
  • HEPA air filters