Air Conditioning Maintenance

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For Las Vegas AC maintenance, Moore Air Conditioning & Heating is the company to call. You want a service you trust, from a qualified air conditioning technician. Look to us for worry free and knowledgeable service. You benefit from our over fifty years of experience in this industry.

We dispatch capable service technicians to troubleshoot and inspect your entire air conditioning system, including the power to your system. This requires checking the breakers for the power circuits as well as the power cable connections for the fans and compressors. We also calibrate the thermostat and safety controls of the system. Our thorough inspection saves you time and money in the long run.

Routine AC Maintenance

Las Vegas AC Maintenance

Residential air conditioning units use belts, which transfer the power of the compressor motor to the compressor. These parts experience normal wear and tear, and they require regular replacement. We may also need to repair fans and other electrical motors as well as checking the switches and valves used in the operation of the AC unit.

Our 12 point inspection is a great option for routine maintenance. This can include changing the filter, cleaning the evaporator coil and giving the system an overall checkup. We recommend an inspection and maintenance visit at least twice a year. These steps will prevent future problems and save you money over the life of your system.

Maintaining Your Cooling System

Air conditioners utilize special materials that are intricate to the cooling process. These coolants are compressed in one part of the air conditioner before moving to the evaporator coil. Air moving over the evaporator coil is cooled. The coolant, sometimes called Freon, is maintained under pressure within the AC system. Even a pinhole-sized leak can cause a loss of coolant. These coolants, depending on the type, can cause considerable damage to the environment.

Our staff members are trained to find the leak, recover the coolant remaining in the air conditioning system, and refill the system with approved coolant. This not only restores the unit to its normal operating conditions, but it also does so in an environmentally responsible manner. Having your cooling system regularly inspected and maintained will reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakages causing discomfort and costs in both time and money. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your system and reduce its overall cost of ownership. Call us today to schedule AC maintenance in Las Vegas.