12 Point Inspection

At Moore Air Conditioning & Heating, our detailed 12 point inspection allows us to pinpoint the right air conditioner or heater problem the first time. This alleviates worries about spending unnecessary time and money on a premature diagnosis.

Types of parts needing repairs include:

  • Drainage Lines
  • Fuses
  • Contact
  • Relay
  • Gas Valve
  • Compressor
  • Motor Fan (indoor and outdoor)
  • Refrigerant Metering Device
  • Coils (indoor and outdoor)
  • Ductwork Adjustments

Routine Maintenance Inspections

Recommended 2 times per year. 12 point maintenance inspections helps in making sure you are currently and will continue to receive the most AC or furnace unit output and efficiency for the investment you have.

AC & Heater inspection includes the following:

  • Monitoring overall air quality.
  • Checking for proper refrigerant amounts (a lower level could mean a leak, which needs to be found and repaired before more is applied).
  • Cleaning and replacing air filters.
  • Inspecting essential electrical connections.
  • Calibrating thermostat and unit safety controls.
  • Monitoring all vent output for temperature differences.
  • Measuring the motor output (volts and amps).
  • Assessing projected life and cost of unit for customer.

The Current Condition Of Your Unit

When considering to repair your air conditioner, there are a few factors that should be reviewed. The health of your air conditioner is very important in considering repair. The number of times the unit has missed its routine maintenance, or the number of past repairs should be assessed when considering paying repair bills for the existing unit. If the air conditioner is reaching its life expectancy, then it must also be factored into the decision to repair. Most units last between 8 to 12 years, and need regular maintenance.

Saving Energy In Vegas

We strive to provide you with the top energy star products to ensure you are saving the most energy possible. Our energy efficient products not only increase air quality, but also help save you money for other important things you and your family may need. We pay close attention to any and all technological advancement with air conditioning to ensure we’re continually offering only the best by the brightest.